Established in 1934, The Galley is Santa Monica's oldest restaurant and bar. Long before I became its captain, I was a customer. I originally came to The Galley because it was a comfortable, neighborhood place, but one thing really stood out was the salad dressing.

Being the owner of a fast food restaurant, I wanted to find out the recipe. Millie, The Galley's long-time waitress (30 years!) held to the old adage, "Loose lips sink ships." She wasn't talking!

The recipe for the salad dressing became an obsession. One night, I shanghaied a bunch of friends and went to The Galley. After dinner, I put down a generous tip, and called Millie over to the table. "I have to know what's in that dressing! I nagged. She looked at me and said very loudly, "if you want to know so badly, why don't you buy the @ # ! * place!" Embarrassed and stunned, I stayed away from the Galley for quite some time.

Years later, it came to his attention that The Galley was about to sink. Within a few months, he was the proud new owner and captain. On his first day, Captain Ron nervously walked in to meet the crew, and there was Millie. "Oh my God," she exclaimed, "It's the @ # ! * # guy who wanted the salad dressing!"

Now, Captain Ron is the one with the tight lips and has kept the salad dressing recipe a secret for over 19 years!