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Captain Ron Schur

Ron had always loved the salad dressing at the historic steak and seafood hang-out known as THE GALLEY in Santa Monica, but no one would reveal the secret recipe. When the landmark restaurant went up for sale, he decided to buy it thereby giving him a venue to tell stories, jokes and entertain people. The bonus was that he got the salad dressing recipe. Now if Captain Ron, as he is affectionately known, bombs at one table he just moves over to another. He added a patio and private room to the THE GALLEY allowing him to expand and really “work the room!”

Captain Ron welcome locals and tourists from all over to a place where televisions and computers are unplugged and cell phones are left in the car. He wants people to mingle and talk at the bar and get to know their neighbors, and for THE GALLEY to be a place for business and love connections. After 19 years, Captain Ron is at the helm every night fulfilling his dreams and always “reporting for duty.”

For me, making contact with guests on a personal level is most gratifying. Each night, I count connections, not dinners! Afterwards, as I reflect on the evening, I realize I can't wait for the next night.

Hope to see you aboard!